Social Services Agencies PDF Print E-mail

Sometimes you may need the help of a social services agency.  These are generally non-government organizations that sign contracts with the government to provide specific services to the public.   They are all legally required to protect the privacy and security of the personal information they collect and to keep it secure from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure.

In general, most social services agencies take the privacy and confidentiality of their clients very seriously.

How much personal health information is collected will depend on what services the agency is giving you.

The agency may store the information either on paper or electronically or both.

Depending on the services they provide, and on how they are funded, they may also be required to follow specific government requirements, which may include sharing the information with a Ministry, or making it available to other agencies who provide services to you or your family.

You should ask the person who you deal with at the agency if you have any questions about how they protect your privacy.