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When your information is in your doctor’s office, it is most often in a paper file. More and more, you may see doctors using computerized files instead. Either way, in most cases very few people can get access to the information in your file within your doctor's office.

In general only the doctors and staff in the doctor’s office or clinic, and other health care providers who provide you with health care services in the doctor's office or clinic can see your personal health information. 

Once your personal health information leaves your doctor's office, others may be able to see or access it. Your doctor will share ("disclose") your health information outside his or her office, by giving some of it to specialists, labs or other health care providers you are referred to for consultation or treatment, to MSP for billing purposes, and in the future, to health information banks where it will be held and accessible for many purposes. For more information about health information banks and the BC government's e-health system, click here.

For more information about who can see and get your personal health information held by your doctor, look through the Confidentiality pages and look at When Can and Can't They Tell Others?

For information about when you can tell your doctor not to disclose your personal health information look through the Consent pages and look at Limiting Who Else Can See Your Health Information